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by PyroVIP

This is my first critique but even then I will not cut anyone any slack. So, this is a VERY lovely drawing but maybe more detail? It's ...

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Prologue (Kindly read the description please)
Rushing water could be heard from a nearby cave. A raven whose eyes gleamed in the darkness sat inside the cave, but he was not alone, there was another animal within the cave, a much bigger and much stronger animal, a canine of some sorts, perhaps a wolf this canine creature spoke to the raven and the raven dare not hesitate to reply. "Από όλα τα μέρη για να καλύψουν," the raven rasped. "Γιατί εδώ;" The canine didn't answer immediately this time, instead he waited a few minutes before replying. "Because," his voice sounded weak, like one you would expect of that from one without water. "This is the only safe place I can discuss this matter with you."
The raven stared at the canine. "Μπορείτε dont ακόμη και ξέρει μ&
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This Actually Happened
Me: :Looks outside of bus window:                                                                                                              
Little Autistic Shit: :Turns to support staff: We're so high!                                                                                            
Support staff: Yes. We're very high indeed!                                            
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Derika Winter
Artist | Student | Varied
Name: Derika Winter. Age: 13. Gender: Female. Nationality: Germany. Currently lives in: Germany. Skype: NOTE ME

Profile picture (not Deviant ID) is by the lovely Flaming-Rainbow78


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Icon Commissions
Icon commissions for those who aren't interested in animals and all that. Note me what you want me to put in the icon. Also, I apologise if the icon comes out too big or too small, feel free to adjust it if needed once it's up ;w;

(NOTE: It may take me a WHILE for me to do the icon because I might forget, because i'm a busy person and all that)
Animal and More
A few examples of my art. The price is fairly cheap, 10 points.
I'll happily draw almost ANY animal of your choice, all you have to do is note me saying what animal you want, wait for a response and then send me the points, simples! Now, all you gotta do is click that commission button and we'll be on our way, but, if you really wanted I could try and design a new character or even draw one of your existing characters, either is fine, just remember to note me though!
Please read this and comment. These characters mean A LOT to me and have been with me for quite a while.
First of all I would like to say that these characters have NEVER been submitted to DeviantArt before (there is the one character that was submitted at the VERY start but you get the point). If you are interested in buying them, via points, then tell me please, if you dont like the character and want another one, only one per person, then I would be MORE THAN HAPPY to refund you. But if the other person has the character you wanted then i'm sure we could think of something.

HOLD ON THOUGH, there are a few things I would like to state before selling these characters to ANYONE. Please read what i'm about to say if you're interested.

If You're Interested in the Character:
  1. If you're interested in a character please tell me which character you want. If you would like a surprise then that's fine but please tell me so in advance.
  2. These characters are quiet old and have been with me for a long time so I expect you to take good care of them.
  3. You dont have to draw them CONTANTLY or anything like that. You can use them whenever you want to use them and when you are comfortable to use them.
  4. You can change ANYTHING you want about the character BUT DO NOT change the name. If you really MUST change the name after you buy it then PLEASE, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE ask first and tell me what you want to change it to. As I said these characters are quite old and they do hold a special place in my heart.
  5. Whatever you do, DO NOT sell them without my permission and if I do give you permission then DONT put them on offer for more than you got them for.
  6. Once/if you sell the character then please tell me who you sold it to and say that when you're selling the character that it was an adopted character, PLEASE.
  7. If the character comes with a rank then you may change the rank however you please, but dont be silly about it though.
  8. When buying and changing things about the character you MUST be serious. You can be a little un-serious but mostly be serious about the character and all that.
  9. If you dont pay me 42 hours (two days) after you get the character then I WILL take it back from you. As I said these characters hold a special place in my heart and I wont let them away that easily.
  10. Some will be naming prices (like a bid almost) and some WILL be for a set price.
  11. Please pay me the EXACT amount of points for the character.
  12. Only buy a character if you're INTERESTED. Please dont buy one for the sheer shake of it.

Characters and Prices:
Goldenleaf: First up is Goldenleaf. She's a fun and optimistic cat to be around. If you're looking at the Warrior Cat side of things then she would be clan deputy, but if you're looking for a regular cat OC then you can make her whatever you want, within reason. She has a pale ginger/yellow coat with emerald green eyes (this however may be changed if you want to change it).

Moth Swat: Another VERY old pony OC. He is a Pegasus. He has a red mane/tail, green eyes and yellow coat. He's a Pegasus. Not much about him.

Gravel: A character I would GLADLY get rid of. Gravel is a dusty brown cat with amber eyes and a red collar. Again, not much to this character.

Hazel: Hazel is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a twisted front, left, leg, blue eyes and a stump for a tail. She's kind of old, kind of new, middle aged.

Juniperstar: This is a cat I have grown VERY attached to so they wont be cheap. Juniperstar is a calico she-cat with bright, amber eyes, Now, if you're not a warrior cats fan and want to change the name then that's fine but as I stated earlier, PLEASE ask if you can change the name and tell me what you wish to change it to.

  • Goldenleaf: Offer to Receive
  • Moth Swat: 40 points
  • Gravel: FREE
  • Hazel: 10 points
  • Juniperstar: 70 points
Please inform me in the comments, or via note, if you would like a character :)


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